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Medical Geeks

Theriac, Mithridate, and the Humours

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Welcome! This community is dedicated to those who are interested in the minutiae of medicine, medical history, and therapeutics. We welcome interested amateurs as well as those who have actual qualifications in the field. This is a forum for discussion, entertainment, and education, as well as a resource for writers interested in getting medical details straight. Got an interesting point to make about the development of the earliest antibiotics? Want to ask questions about Galenic medicine, or discuss Paracelsan chemotherapy? Interested in the pharmacological basis of therapeutics, but perhaps unwilling to go and find an MD to bother? You're in the right place. We don't know all the answers, but we may be able to point you to those who do.

Community rules: be civil to one another, cite your references if indicated (if someone is asking for a particular tidbit and you wish to give them a definitive answer, indicate where you got the answer and what the supporting evidence may be), and exercise common sense.

Your mod is vivian_shaw.

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